You Name It - Other names people use for RLS

If you have RLS but have never liked the official name or if you just have another pet name for this problem, e-mail us with your name for this disorder. Below is a small list of names that other people have used. We will add your entries to this page.


Fidgety Legs
The Gotta Moves
Wheeby Geebees
Tortured Limbs
The Jitters
The Nervous Jitters
The Jerks
Night Thrashers
Mom's Leg Thing
The Fidgits
The Creepy Crawlies Legs
Jumpy Legs
Jumpy Knees
Tickle Legs
Tickle Foot
The Crawlies
Edgy Legs
Bugs in the bones
Having butterflies in my legs
Jimmy legs
Wiggle worm
Night crawls
Day crawls
Bugs crawling in my legs at night
Anxious legs
Anxious feet
The twitches
The screeches
Tingle Leg
The Crinkles
Stretchy legs
Dead legs
Hot legs
Worm legs
Magic legs
That Icky Twitchy Leg Thing
Jumpy Life
Dancing Legs
Crazy legs
Crawly legs
Wretched limb syndrome
The Scritchees
Lead legs
The leggy thing
Legs want to break dance
My hands and feet are nervous
Racing legs
The kicks
Crazy leg thing
The crawls
The Jiggies
Achy Legs
Achy Knees
The shpilkes
The stomps
Night Time Jitterbug
Happy feet
Happy legs
Symphony Feet
Ant Legs
Jello Legs
The Creepers
The Willy Wumples
Great RLS Boogie
The Ickies
The Worms
The Misery
The Knee Jerk
Bone itch
Busy legs
The Nadgers
Spongy Leg Disease
That Knee Thing
The Tingles
Alien legs
Leg Thrashies
Itchy Blood
Funny Legs
Nervous leg syndrome
Racer legs
Grasshopper legs
Aerobic sleeping
Spider legs
Jiggles in my legs
Feet cramps
Muzzy legs
Last Nerve Disease
Twittery legs
The Itchies
Itchy chin-bone
Antsy Legs
Floggin legs
Leaping Legs
Hopping Legs
Kicky  Legs
Funny Bone Legs
Jiggy Legs
The Grunions
Legs are mad
Walking Legs
Flapping Legs
Shaky Leg Syndrome
Butterfly twitches
Leg oochies
Angry Legs
F.L.I.M.S. - Flailing Limbs In My Sleep Syndrome
Sewing machine legs
The Stretchies
Cricket Feet
Sewing Machine Foot
Marathon Legs
Restless Body Syndrome
Jitter foot
Naughty Legs
Having the Magrams
She shoots...she scores!
Frog legs
Stupid legs