Welcome to the SomnoMedix Underwater Photo Gallery

The pictures below have been taken by the staff of SomnoMedix at 20 to 110 feet underwater. Click the underwater picture of choice to see a larger high definition image.

Anenome thumbnail   Bluebell thumbnail   French Angel thumbnail   Green moray thumbnail   Pillar coral thumbnail    Seahorse thumbnail   Shrimp thumbnail
Anemone       Bluebells      Angel       Moray eel    Pillar Coral  Seahorse   Shrimp
Anemonefish	Nudibranch	Reef Shark	Clownfish	Cuttlefish
Manta Ray	Anemone Shrimp	Moray Eels	Octopus		Orange Cup Coral

All photos copyright 1995 SomnoMedix

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