Coping with RLS Picture Page

Coping with RLS Picture Page

Please send us pictures of unusual things that you have done in order to cope with your RLS.

Having trouble sleeping because you want to keep your legs stretching?  Here is an innovative way to keep some stretching pressure on your legs while you sleep.  This RLS sufferer found that the pressure must be transmitted to the ankles and feet which only worked when lying prone (on your abdomen).



I have RLS, but on the picture is my wife. I found out that massage reduce or eliminate my RLS.  I tried a lot of experimentation and have developed this device that almost always works for me. All muscles get relaxed and oxygenated! This is only a prototype and is not to sale. Now it is in a clinical test by a Swiss university. When I am having an attack of RLS, a deep massage helps and the RLS symptoms will subside enough to sleep.

In Europe I haven't found a good massager, so I developed my personal massager that works very well in horizontal position with music. I use it right before I go to sleep, when I'm waking up in the night and in the morning. It is better as drugs! This is easy to use, release emotional tension, relieve pain, deeply relax mind and body, create a feeling of well-being.

If you will see a film about the massager, here a link:




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